Tea to Go

loose leaf teaWhile bagged tea is quite an invention, which depending who you talk to is either a rejuvenation or a bastardization of tea. But what if you are a firm believer in the superiority of loose leaf tea, but still want an enjoyable cup while away? For an English style cup of tea, it might just be easier than you think.

First you need to come up with a storage method for your leaves. If you happen to have a source of miniature tins with good seals that hold 10-15 grams of tea, you are golden. The rest of us need to get slightly more creative. Plastic bags and envelopes which don’t have the pungent odors of the chemical adhesive or other bad smells work well enough. To protect the leaves from being crushed into dust you can use a bit of bubble wrap around the bags or envelopes.

The other equipment you wish to bring should be a bit easier. As tea infuser should be relatively easy to pack, the trick is to remember them. But for ease of cleanup when on the go, or making a quick cup, there englishteastore_2056_27333030are teabags for sale of which you can fill yourself. Once you are done steeping the leaves as many times as you wish you can just toss the whole thing. Simple as that.

Now to get water hot enough can be a trick depending on where you are. If there is a mini coffee pot in your room, you can run water through it without the grounds to get it close to boiling. I would recommend sending water though a couple of times to try and wash away any coffee residue. Quite a few coffee shops and such should be willing to get you cup of boiling water. There are some mini electric kettles available that heat up roughly a cup at a time.

So traveling and making your perfect cuppa do not need to conflict. So bring some of your old favorites and must haves and enjoy a nice cup in a new spot.

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