Tea and Facebook

By Stephanie Hanson

For one of the oldest beverages in the world, tea sure is fitting right into the techno-driven world that we reside in. Where once we had tea parties, now we can have virtual reality tea parties on social networking sites like Facebook. Can these replace actually sitting down for a cuppa with a friend?

Tea Party

A search for “tea” in Facebook’s applications section results in nearly 500 hits, so perhaps some people think so. Many of these are applications for sending virtual tea “gifts” to Facebook friends. The application “Make the Tea” helps end tea round table disputes. “What Tea Are You?” is a personality quiz. Others help choose what tea to drink.

So here are some thoughts on a few applications.

Gift-giving applications were among the first developed on Facebook and they remain quite popular. The “Tea” application for sending tea-related gifts is quite popular with 1,799 monthly users.

“What Tea Are You” informed me that I was Chamomile based on eight questions about the ways I spend my time, songs that describe my life, my favorite number and school subject. Other results include English Breakfast, Peppermint, Formosa Oolong, and Rosehip. It was a short little quiz, with not much to make it stand out from other Facebook personality quizzes, but it’s an excellent time-waster for tea lovers.

The “What Tea Do I Need App” is slightly more useful for those into natural healing. Questions about health, mood, and time of day guide the user towards a tea that will best suit them. I found that I needed “Spearmint.”

In the end, if you are looking for ways to pass time on Facebook, these apps can be a fun way to do it. On the other hand, nothing replaces sitting down for afternoon tea with good friends.

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