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Minimalist Teaware

by Adam Yusko

So many people love teapots because they seem to add a certain character to the brewing ritual, and fit the stereotypical image of making and serving tea. But in all honesty teapots and other accessories are simply more things to clean and worry about breaking, not to mention their sheer bulk. Personally, I’ve brewed a lot of tea over the years in a variety of ways, and I’ve come to the conclusion that a minimalist approach to teaware is definitely one worth considering.

Green Tea Teabags

Some would say the teabag is nothing more than a way of ruining tea, as most teabags are filled with very small particles of tea and often produce a less than amazing brew. Yet the simplicity of the teabag is what people enjoy the most and the reason why they continue to use them. There are also teabags available that you can fill yourself. They allow you to enjoy loose leaf tea together with the comfort of an easy clean-up. They also keep the particles you sometimes get with tea-balls out of your tea. However, tea-balls and mesh infusers also count as minimalist teaware.

When you combine teabags with one of your favorite cups and some boiling water you can have tea anywhere, anytime. A minimalist approach to tea is great when traveling, as cups can be found almost anywhere and it’s simple to throw in a tea-ball or a few teabags, which take up relatively little room in luggage and shouldn’t raise eyebrows at airport security.

A minimalist approach to teaware ensures you can get consistent results anywhere you are with minimal inconvenience. I like these minimalists approaches at times, as they tend to be low fuss. I’m not suggesting, however, that you abandon teapots. Teapots are classics in the tea world for a reason, and you should keep them for when you have time to enjoy tea to its fullest.

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