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Instead of visiting a high priced spa to enjoy a tea bath, pamper yourself with your own tea bath any time that you wish by simply brewing a cup of tea and drawing a bath.

First, here are the mechanics of building your brew. You can choose any tea to brew, but some favorite combinations appear below. Grab six tea bags and brew them in one quart of very warm (not boiling) water. Let the tea steep for about ten minutes. Now, draw a hot bath, add your brew to the tub and agitate the water to mix. You are now ready for a refreshing, relaxing tea bath – quick, easy and affordable.

Now that you know how easy making your very own tea bath can be, here are some delightful blends to enjoy.

Green Tea – A favorite ingredient in facial scrubs, the tannins in green tea amplify antioxidant activity and help to tone skin. If you do not have green tea available, you can always use cut black tea instead. Black tea is much cheaper, and it will work in your tub just as well as green tea.

Chamomile Tea – A favorite herbal flower, chamomile tea helps soften your skin. Go ahead and give your head a dunk, because it will soften your hair and give it a healthy shine as well.

Peppermint Tea – For an invigorating scent that will give tired skin a lift, peppermint tea leaves you feeling fresh and alive. Peppermint tea also works well for a foot soak as it has anti-fungal qualities.

With these few basics under your belt, a pot of water and six teabags, you can start enjoying your at home spa treatments right away.

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