Even More Tea Books

by William I. Lengeman III

If you’re in the market for a few more titles for your shelf of tea books, here are some suggestions.

Tea Cookbook
by Tonia George
If you didn’t realize that cooking with tea was even an option, there’s no better time to get your hands on a copy of Tonia George’s Tea Cookbook. It presents a selection of tea-oriented recipes in both sweet and savory varieties.

Tea Cookbook

The Ancient Tea Horse Road: Travels With the Last of the Himalayan Muleteers
by Jeff Fuchs
You’re likely to find The Ancient Tea Horse Road stashed in the travel section of your local library or bookstore. But, as the title suggests, tea forms an important part of this particular travel narrative. For more information on this 6,000 kilometer trading route and Fuchs’ book, look here. The author also put together an illustrated travelogue of his route for an article that appeared in the Montreal Gazette.

Tea Bliss: Infuse Your Life with Health, Wisdom, and Contentment
by Theresa Cheung
Serious tea fanciers don’t really need to be convinced that tea has the ability to generate bliss. For those who haven’t caught on yet, there’s Theresa Cheung’s book. Tea offers, if we’re to believe the book’s publisher, “a simple antidote to just about everything.” Wow.

The Spirit of Tea
by Frank Hadley Murphy
It’s certainly not an unusual concept for someone to suggest that tea drinking and culture have a spiritual or contemplative component. It’s this “transcendental nature” of the tea experience that Frabk Hadley Murphy explores in more depth in The Spirit of Tea. Also included, some background information on tea history, myths about tea and more.

The Way to Tea: Your Adventure Guide to San Francisco Tea Culture
by Jennifer Leigh Sauer
If you’re going to San Francisco – skip the flowers in your hair and take along a copy of Sauer’s book. She calls it “a creative tribute to and appraisal of an exhilarating journey through the labyrinth of San Francisco tea culture.”

Make sure to check out William’s blog, Tea Guy Speaks, for more on all things tea!

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