Drink to Your Health

by Stephanie Hanson

It’s that time of year again. Cold and flu season. It’s been rather overshadowed by the great H1N1, piggy flu. But in any case, people are dropping like flies from this virus or that virus. Including, unfortunately, this author. But there’s nothing like a good cup of tea to make me feel better, so I thought I would share my favorite teas for when I’m down and out, snuggling under the covers with a box of tissues (and, in this case, with a laptop).

First of all, it has to be hot. No iced tea, not even for this girl of Southern descent. I want it as hot as I can stand it. Last night, when the sore throat began, it was time for Sergeant Peppermint to attack, armed with honey. Alas, this morning, it was clear that the assault had been in vain. Since I had a battle of my own to attend to (a class of 24 nine year olds), drastic measures had to be taken. Moroccan Mint, again with honey. It gave me just enough to get through my three hour morning. I also love jasmine green tea with honey when I have a cold. It just tastes comforting somehow.

Later, between chicken soup and the next episode of the Gilmore Girls, I’ll have a cup of ginger pu-erh. Really, any cup of tea with ginger will do, even just steeping some ginger root. Inhaling those spicy fumes does wonders, and if nausea is part of the equation, ginger works great for me, and herbal tea for headaches.

Of course, the best approach is to not get sick at all. I received an email recently that suggested drinking warm liquids, such as tea, because they wash viruses in the throat into the stomach where they can’t survive. I don’t know if there is any truth to that, but I’ll drink to any excuse to drink tea.

Don’t forget to check out Stephanie’s blog, The Tea Scoop!

One thought on “Drink to Your Health

  1. I love that name Sargent Peppermint! I clicked to check it out only to find that it didn’t actually exist — I’m inspired to create that, if you don’t mind my using that name as inspiration….

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