by Stephanie Hanson

In these tough economic times, the aphorism “waste not, want not” is being applied in more and more households. For example, sales of sewing kits are up as people choose to mend their clothes at home rather than go to a tailor or just buy a new outfit.  On top of that, people are more conscious of the environment, and finding creative ways to recycle isn’t just to save money.  There is a great website that I just stumbled across called Recyclart that features items reused and turned into something completely new. Some pieces are by professional artists, and are not so much on the economic side of things. Others are DIY projects or inspiration.  Some of our favorite things have popped up on that website in new and unusual ways.   Check out this old dresser on the right:

Notice the old teapot?

This next piece might not be too difficult to recreate for experienced DIYers.

This next pot would take a bit more skill, but I think it’s lovely.

The next use for a teapot might be a good project for someone handy.  Completely charming and I want one for my garden.

Isn’t it sweet?

People even take used teabags and turn them into art pieces with no function at all.

The final picture gives a new meaning to the term “tea lights.”

While a lot of these projects take a bit of know-how and technicality, let them provide inspiration for your own projects. Don’t throw out that chipped tea cup.  Turn it into a candle.  If it gets completely smashed, first dry your tears, then make a tile mosaic that has special meaning for you. Take those used tea leaves and throw them on the compost soil. Your garden will thank you.  Or if someone gives you a tea you don’t like, you can use the leaves for dying.  Or use it to wash your hair, which some say makes it a bit darker and lots softer.

Whatever you do with your tea, teacups, and teapots, try to avoid just sending it all to a landfill. You could have something pretty on the cheap and be green at the same time. Don’t you love multitasking?

Don’t forget to check out Stephanie’s blog, The Tea Scoop!

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