A Practical Guide to Giving Tea

If you’re going to give somebody something, make it a gift with meaning. The holidays are about showing and sharing the love and appreciation we have for each other. It’s a time marked by bright lights, cozy fires, and wool sweaters. It’s a time of warmth. This year, give a gift that expresses that warmth by sharing the wonderful gift of tea.

A Practical Guide to Giving Tea

#1: Stick to the Basics: If you’re not sure if your intended receiver regularly drinks tea, then keep it simple. Either give them loose tea, being sure to include a tea strainer or better yet simply choose tea bags.

#2: Keep with the Holiday Theme: Many companies feature a Christmas or Holiday blend. These are always whimsical blends that are either something spicy or minty. There are so many foods and flavors of the season – so picking a holiday-themed tea takes advantage of this special time of year.

#3: Let them Choose: Sampler sets are an excellent way to cover all your bases. Who doesn’t like having a choice? And with so many teas to choose from, it can take the guess work out of gift-giving for you, while creating a more exciting gift to receive for them.

#4: Goodies Make a Good Gift Great: Whether it’s a box of shortbread biscuits or a premium bar of chocolate, a small snack to go with your selected tea will round out the tea drinkers experience.

Now, if the person you are buying a gift for is a seasoned tea drinker, the options are endless. There are so many tea-themed gifts, accessories, tea pots, tea cups, and tea cozies, that you could never possibly purchase the entire wish list of a serious tea lover. If that’s not enough to fulfill your inner Santa, and only a truly unique tea gift will do, consider buying them an all-inclusive gift basket!

Tea brings people together. It cares for us when we are sick. It warms us when we are cold. It nourishes our health and well-being. No matter what you’re own tea drinking experience or budget, the world of tea has something for everyone. You may even find a gift or two for yourself!

Give a gift with meaning…

And may the love and joy of this holiday season warm the teapot of your heart and may your (tea) cup of blessings always be full.

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