Tea Spoon Collecting

By Kathy McCarthy

While you do not give much thought to an ordinary spoon as you stir your warm cup of tea on a blustery winter’s eve, teaspoons can tell the story of the ages. Many collectors use spoons in their collections as an historic reference hearkening back to significant changes, either political, social or technological.

Many tea spoons have political motifs, and their styles change to reflect the times. The alloys added to the metal can also change the composition of a silver spoon over time. Some collectors look for very specific types of spoons, while other collectors pick up spoons marking their travels.

When you first begin collecting spoons you may gravitate towards graphically interesting spoons, and as you become a seasoned collector, your collection criteria will become more refined. After you have been collecting for a number of years, you will very likely find yourself in the position of looking for a particular spoon to round out your collection.

There are many ways to go about collecting spoons. Some collections can be fun. Some collections can help you relive your travels, and some collections can be worth a lot of money. If you choose to collect antique sliver spoons, you may wind up with not only a beautiful collection but a valuable one as well.

Silver tea spoons are still available from back as far as the 14th century, so if you are only collecting back as far as the 19th century, you will find that not only are the silver teaspoons very accessible, but they are affordable as well. Of course there are huge ladles that can get to be pretty expensive, but the smaller tea and spice spoons still fit most budgets.

As you are deciding which teaspoons to add to your collection, remember that even if you are building a valuable teaspoon collection, at the end of the day, you should have fun while doing it. So enjoy the spoons, the stories that go along with them, and of course with it all enjoy your favorite cup of tea.

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