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Pyramid Teabags

By Kathy McCarthy [reposted from our sister blog]

PG Tips Pyramid Teabags
PG Tips Pyramid Teabags

A pyramid teabag is exactly what it sounds like, a teabag in the shape of a pyramid. Introduced a little over ten years ago, this teabag was thought to be an improvement over the traditional pocket-shaped teabag because the pyramid shape gives the tea leaves more room to expand while steeping. Another advantage to pyramid teabags is that they can hold whole tea leaves, thus delivering a higher quality tea to the consumer while retaining the convenience of a teabag.

Unfortunately, the first pyramid teabags ran into a little problem in that they were deemed unfriendly to the environment because their synthetic material would not break down in landfills. Loose tea leaves and paper teabags are environmentally friendly. However, pyramid teabags have since been updated to use a sustainable woven mesh that is biodegradable.

Enjoying a cup of tea brewed from premium tea leaves in a pyramid teabag lets you enjoy the “real deal”. Unlike the tea fines and dust that are packaged into the regular pocket teabags, you can enjoy the rich, smooth flavor of tea brewed from the whole tea leaf when using a pyramid teabag.

Pyramid teabags brew a superior cup of tea because the unique pyramid shape of the bag provides enough room for the tea leaves to unfurl and release their full flavor. Water easily circulates around the tea leaves allowing for an optimum infusion.

It is actually a little entertaining to watch the leaves unfurl as they steep, and the pyramid teabag is just as convenient to use as a regular pocket teabag. Since the pyramid shape can easily house premium loose leaf tea, you enjoy a much higher quality cup of tea than you can get from the traditional teabag.

The pyramid teabag is an innovative brewing system combining the traditional teabags’ convenience with loose leaf tea’s superior aroma and taste.

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