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By Chris Robideaux

Darjeeling tea
Darjeeling tea

There are many different kinds of easy-to-make tea recipes, pertaining to most every kind of tea leaf on the planet. There are recipes for brewing chai – a particularly popular recipe subject – as well as those for cooking tapioca for ‘bubble tea”, which includes brown sugar, honey and tapioca pearls, and is also very popular at the moment. There are quick and easy tea smoothie recipes, as well as those that can be found on comprehensive web sites that add information about proper water filtration, where to acquire the best quality teas, along with history, growing and botanical information about the various teas.

There are, of course, many e-commerce web sites where you can purchase tea recipe books, if you want to go a step beyond finding good free recipes online or in a library book. There are sites with blogs where tea aficionados regularly share their own favorite tea recipes. There are books aimed at true connoisseurs, as well as ones designed for novices. Tea can be compared to wine, in terms of the varietals and types of crops that can be cultivated and enjoyed. On at least one web site, Darjeeling tea is compared to the French Burgundy grape because of the shared worldwide demand and relatively small supply.

Overall, it is quite easy for the tea lover to find what he or she is looking for in terms of methods of making quality tea beverages. There are recipes available for literally every marketable tea leaf in the world, and which can be found in numerous books and literature in libraries, bookstores, and certain tea shops themselves. Quality tea recipes for all manner of tea types are simply a search term and a click away from web savvy tea lovers, to the greater enjoyment of this perennial and popular beverage.

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