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January 5, 2010

  • New Year! Old Tea?

    The passing from one year to the next brings with it a sense of hope and excitement that things can and will be different. The notion of newness inspires many people to make changes in their lives and in their environments. In order for changes to be made, often there must be a clearing-out process… Continue reading

  • Essiac Tisane

    by Alexandra Hoover [reposted from our sister blog] To enjoy a delicious and healthy beverage, Essiac tea is a valuable choice — especially if you don’t mind exercising a little creativity and research skills. Essiac tea consists of burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, and Turkish rhubarb root. The tea is a decoction and not… Continue reading

  • The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

    By Chris Robideaux The health benefits of drinking tea have been known for eons, and today these benefits are enjoyed by perhaps billions of Earth’s people. Tea reduces stress, provides multiple antioxidant elements, socializes people, and provides countless jobs for those working in the tea manufacturing industry (providing livelihoods is good health, too!). The Chinese… Continue reading

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