New Teas for the New Year

Pull out the good china, the nice linens, and invite a friend over because the English Tea Store has something you’ve never had before – teas so unique they simply must be shared! No time like the present for trying things, what with it being a New Year and the start of a new decade. So why not bring this excitement into the realm of your tea drinking habit by putting something different in your cup. Whether you are looking to sample a completely different type or blend of tea or perhaps exploring a new tea company, start this month off with something new!

The English Tea Store has taken up this “New for 2010” idea and is now carrying more herbal blends, rooibos, yerba mate, pu-erh and oolong teas.

Harney & Sons – known for their straight teas and simple blends, this Connecticut based company has a solid focus on the quality and taste of their teas. Available in tea bags only.

Suggested Harney & Sons favorites include:
African Autumn (Red Bush)
White Vanilla Grapefruit
Organic Plum Tea
Pomegranate Tea

Golden Moon Tea Company – famous for some of their more unusual blends, Golden Moon offers an impressive variety of teas, Including oolongs and pu-erhs. Available in Loose Tea.

Suggested Golden Moon Tea Favorites include:
Imperial Formosa Oolong
Coconut Pouchong
White Licorice
Pu-erh Chai

Tigerwing Teas – this unique company creates Yerba Mate based blends and only features teas that were grown on farms that practice fair labor. Available in tea bags only.

Suggested Tigerwing Tea favorites include:
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonfruit
Taro Vanilla Cream

Intaba Teas – this company designs red tea based blends with their native rooibos and honey bush which grow in the mountainous regions of South Africa. Available in tea bags only.

Suggested Intaba Teas favorites include:
South African Honey Bush
Green Organic Rooibos
Lemongrass & Rooibos
Bush Babies

I do hope you take this time and select even one new tea or tea company that you’ve never tried before. With all these options, it could take you until 2011 to get to know them all, by which time there will no doubt be more new tea!

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