Qualitea Time

Over the past weekend, instead of being snowed in by ourselves at our house, we opted to stay at my sister’s house to play with her girls in the snow, and generally be sociable all weekend. While it’s rather nice to return to the quiet of our own house and sleep in our own bed again, it was a wonderful experience.

Last night, we walked over to their neighbor’s house to watch the Superbowl. Not being much of a football fan, I spent most of the time enjoying the food, and when my sister left to take the girls to bed, I went with her.  On the way home, she said, “You know what I really could use? A cup of tea.”

My sister drinks tea, but is much more of a coffee drinker.  While we do have the occasional cuppa together, more often we like to have our girl talk over a glass of red wine.

She got the girls to bed while I put the kettle on, and we had our tea.  She started a fire, and we sat on the floor by the fireplace, drinking our tea and playing a game of Scrabble.  We had started the game earlier, but had been unable to finish in a houseful of children, both hers and the neighbor’s. Letters had been rearranged, so we just threw those back in the bag and kept going.

The conversation was minimal as we sipped carefully at the hot liquid and considered our next moves and the fire crackled in the background.  We were cozy despite the two and a half feet of snow just on the other side of the walls, and companionably quiet.

The tea was nothing fancy, just a rather commonplace chai from a bag, but that wasn’t the point.  We finally had peace and quiet and tea after quite a hectic weekend of shoveling, cooking, and for my sister, doing load after load of dishes.

Mr. Tea Scoop and I weren’t the only ones staying there, you see.  They had a friend in from out of town, and on top of it, a neighbor who had lost power stayed with his two children for two nights.  It was quite a full, noisy house. But for the moment, we were just two sisters sharing a moment and some tea.

Spend some “qualitea time” with Stephanie’s blog, The Tea Scoop!

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