The winner has been selected in the Tea Poetry Contest and will receive a wonderful prize package from The English Tea Store. To all those who entered, my thanks. Your entries made this a very tough choice. Keep writing about and enjoying tea!

The winning entry:

Publishing and Drinking
by Meghan O’Connor
© 2010 Meghan O’Connor All Rights Reserved

A bold Irish Breakfast fueled my words
I fill years with cups of Assam
And once spilled Darjeeling on my laptop

Revision and decision, plucking out plums of phrases
And dribbling interjections like cream
Until each line measured up, dark and rich and clear

Some flowed out in crystalline perfection in inception
Others, refined and steeped and filtered
My malty words brimming with sagacity

Warming writing-cramped fingers around heated porcelain
Scones and farls kept me awake and typing
On mornings near windows dashed in shivering sleet

Years passed and I kept promises
Vows made over myriad cups and mugs
My verbal images frozen in final print form and cradled close
My name on the cover and a code in the corner
All for the love of the words
Endless cups of tea