Stash’s Fusion Green and White Tea and Jay Lake’s “Escapement”

Stash’s Fusion tea of a green and white blend is, at first glance, a tea of familiar elements. And yet their combination masterfully creates an entirely new flavor experience, unique unto itself. It is the taste expression of Jay Lake’s novel “Escapement”; a story of familiar elements masterfully combined—fused—into an entirely new world.

In “Escapement”, Queen Victoria rules England and American Possessions. The Royal Navy is on the job defending; not in the seas but in the sky, in great airships. And Earth turns by way of gears and mechanism, following God’s grand mechanical design. In this world, Paolina Barthes has grown up as a genius undetected, with a skill for engineering even she doesn’t understand, but by which she creates her destiny.

Stash’s Fusion tea carries this metallic clang of flavor that strikes the tongue, but is mellowed by the smooth after note of the delicate white tea leaves. Even in the cup, the tea is the warm bronze of reflected sun from an airship’s hull. It is innovation and tradition, a classic with a twist. It is rich and utterly believable.

Just the way a great story should taste.

Jay Lake’s “Escapement” and Stash Fusion Green and White Tea. It’s a fit like clockwork.

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