Tea Experiment — Steeping Tea in a Ceramic Tea Carafe

As a devoted tea aficionado and one who lives the “tea life,” I’m ever on the lookout for some neat, simple, and affordable teaware. What good fortune, then, when hubby espied an interesting and downright pretty tea carafe at a local store. A quick examination told us that this was a simple yet effective tool for steeping fine, whole leaf teas. Of course, we wouldn’t know for sure until we’d put it to the test.

Time for another tea experiment — yahoo!

At first glance, I thought this carafe was some kind of decorative food storage container, with it’s pretty floral decoration. But removing the cap was very revealing. A simple device for steeping tea, consisting of a ceramic cylinder with a stainless steel insert, a metal bottom, a twist-on metal cap, and a small stainless steel strainer with handle. Unlike another tea product I reviewed recently, this tea carafe is simple enough for you to use either the way we did or the way the designers most likely intended.

What we think the designers intended:

  • Snap the tiny strainer in place inside the carafe.
  • Put dry tea leaves in the strainer. (You’ll need to use full leaf or large piece tea so those pieces don’t go through the strainer holes.)
  • Heat water and pour over the tea.
  • Twist on the cap and let steep.
  • Remove the cap and pull out the strainer (it has a tiny handle).
  • Pour the tea into your cup and enjoy.

How we used it:

  • Put loose tea inside carafe (not in the strainer).
  • Snap the strainer in place.
  • Heat water and pour through strainer onto tea below.
  • Twist on the cap and let steep.
  • Remove the cap.
  • Pour the tea through the strainer into your cup and enjoy.
  • Pour in more hot water and twist on cap for another infusion, and repeat as many times as your tea leaves will stand.

The carafe holds about 9 fluid ounces (a little skimpy, if you ask me, and the only drawback to this carafe). If you start with a tea that will endure multiple infusions, you can enjoy cupfuls for most of the morning (or afternoon). And you won’t have to settle for the dreaded “office tea” (usually tea dust in a bag). In cool weather (or if the air conditioning where you work is blasting), you can use the carafe as a hand warmer. During steeping, the ceramic cylinder gets warm to the touch (but not too hot). Simple, yet effective. Wish more things were like that.

When not in use, this tea carafe can be a bit of flowery attractiveness on the counter or shelf. What more could you want?

Now you know. There is a way to have your fine teas wherever, whenever. So, go find a tea carafe like this and buy some more full leaf teas and enjoy!

You can find more tips on living the “tea life” over on A.C.’s blog, Tea Time with A.C. Cargill!

4 thoughts on “Tea Experiment — Steeping Tea in a Ceramic Tea Carafe

  1. Nikki

    When I recently spotted this carafe at WorldMarket, I was wondering if it could be used on the go, like a travel mug. Have you tried that and is that possible?

    1. A.C. Cargill

      Hi, Nikki, I consider the carafe more decorative since I have a steeping mug that holds more, but yes you could use this as a travel mug. Thanks for reading!

  2. Mokate

    Just received this very item for a gift and most grateful for your description on how to use it. I will have to try out both ways, and of course as a hand warmer is an extra plus on a cold winters day! Also imagine it is a wonderful way to take a cup of tea with you on a longish trip. M

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