Take Tea with The Leaf Magazine

Looking to get your tea knowledge in magazine form? You could start with this list of fine tea magazines. If you’re looking for an English-language magazine that takes an in-depth look at fine teas your choices are going to be more limited, but fortunately you can avail yourself of a publication known as The Leaf.

The Leaf was launched in early 2008. It’s headed up by editor-in-chief Aaron Fisher, who has called upon a group of eminent tea experts to assist in imparting their knowledge about tea. For more of Fisher’s writings about tea, be sure to check out his recent book, The Way Of Tea.

The Leaf is offered free of charge and is only available in an electronic edition. Issue 7 appeared in March 2010 and included articles about Wuyi Mountain Cliff Tea, Yixing Purple-sand Teapots, an ongoing column offering Gong Fu Tea Tips, a discussion of tea and quality, and even a piece of tea-inspired fiction.

While the focus of The Leaf has been on topics specifically related to Chinese tea – a rather substantial area of subject matter – articles have also appeared on such topics as the World Tea Expo, tea snobbery, Japanese matcha tea and a series on tea masters of Japan.

Other features at The Leaf’s Web site include How to Enjoy a Fine Cup of Tea, a teaching by Master Paul Ling, a selection of tea-related art by Fisher and a pictorial journey through the Chang Tai Tea Factory.

Among the prominent contributors to The Leaf, Chen Zhi Tong, a leading expert on Puerh tea; James Norwood Pratt, author of the New Tea Lover’s Treasury and more; Mary Lou Heiss, co-author of The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide; and a number of Chinese masters who are probably not as well known to Western readers.

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