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Fathers Need Tea Gifts, Too!

Contrary to the opinion some people have of it, tea makes a manly Father’s Day gift. Considering all they do for us, father’s certainly need an uplifting cup of this centuries-old brew. Yes, it’s once again time to look into your tea gift options. They’re not as limited as you might think.

Father’s Day in the U.S. hasn’t been around as long as Mother’s Day. The idea was first proposed in 1909 by Sonora Dodd but wasn’t established as an official, nationally-observed day in the U.S. until 1972 (people still observed it, but not officially). Instead of setting an exact date, the 3rd Sunday in June was selected, ensuring that, like Mother’s Day, you could always celebrate dear old dad on a weekend.

Just like Mother’s Day, the world round celebrates Father’s Day, not always on the same date, though. Portugal and Spain celebrate it in March, Germany in April or May (40 days after Easter), Taiwan and Brazil in August, Australia and New Zealand in September, and so on. The earliest record of fathers being celebrated was found in the ruins of Babylon (the country, not the TV show).

Speaking of TV shows, we’ve all been influenced by them since the TV became a household feature. From Ward Cleaver, Andy Taylor, Mike Brady, and Dr. Huxtable to Homer Simpson, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, Ray Barone, and Tony Soprano, our image of fathers and their role in our lives have been greatly impacted. From the super competent and understanding to the totally inept or downright dangerous, they have been iconic images of fatherhood. Time to strip away the icons and see Dad as he really is — human.

Dads mow lawns, change diapers, climb ladders to clear leaf-clogged gutters and get balls off of roofs, and even fix dinner for the kids when Mom is tired or sick or stuck at the office. At least those are the sorts of things my dad did, except when he was working hard for the money to pay for it all.

Franklin Teapot

No wonder dads need tea gifts!

Even if your dad isn’t the kind to appreciate a porcelain tea set, you can get him a manly-looking teapot, such as a stainless steel Franklin teapot. It has a “Robby the Robot” style to it. Of course, the tried and true Brown Betty is another possibility, sturdy and very utilitarian. Don’t forget cast iron teapots, great for heating the water and steeping the tea all in one vessel. Maybe one of the Sadler Collectible teapots, such as Shakespeare’s Cottage (a man who knew how to say what he thought and wasn’t embarrassed to wear tights) or the Henry VIII Character teapot (maybe if he’d gotten a nice Father’s Day gift, he wouldn’t have been causing his wives to lose their heads). Many dads drink coffee as well as tea. A French Press can work for both beverages, and its sleek glass and chrome styling has a very manly appeal.

Pick a pot, then surround it with dad-like goodies, all arranged in a dad-like basket, and wrap it up to keep the suspense. What are dad-like goodies? Something substantial that he can get a good grip on and sink his teeth into and some hearty tea to go with it. Scones come to mind, along with lemon curd, marmalade and other yummies to spread on them. Irish Breakfast tea (basically, Assam) or some classic Earl Grey will wash it all down and give Dad a real lift to carry him through his busy day. Throw a few chocolates into the basket so he can take them along with him for a quick treat when his energy starts to lag.

So, join in with children around the world in celebrating your father with a card and a tea gift basket. Bravo!

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