The Many Ways to Make Iced Tea

There are a variety of methods of making iced tea. And as the warmer weather approaches and the sunny days make us reach for something cold, icing down your tea is a great way to get your favorite flavors and blends in a way that is refreshing. It makes me wonder why anyone would buy a separate iced tea making appliance when making iced tea is so extremely easy.

If you have all day…Put it in the Sun

Sun Tea Method: For those of you with lots of time and patience, you might employ the sun tea method of iced tea preparation. This involves using a clear glass container with a cover (steeping anything hot in plastic is heavily discouraged due to the chemical that will infuse into your tea). Add your water and tea. Use one tea bag per 8oz cup of water, plus one or 2 more for good measure, to the container. Let it sit in the sun for at least 4 hours. Serve with ice.

If you have an hour…Stick it in the Fridge

Cold Tea Method: Cold tea is not the same as iced tea, because it requires no ice. The cold tea method is essentially the same as making hot tea and then cooling it down. Brew your favorite cup or pot of tea and then stick it in the refrigerator. Let it get cold. Drink. This method does not require ice at serving, nor does it require that you add more tea while steeping because you are allowing all the flavors and oils from the tea to be released by steeping it hot (according to the type of tea you are using). This method is especially good if you want to make a large batch for later that day.

If you have 10 minutes…Shake it Up

The Fastest Iced Tea Method Ever: Make your favorite hot tea, being sure to brew it double strength. While your water is boiling and the tea is steeping, take a Tupperware container, cocktail shaker, or anything with a strong lid, and fill it with ice. Take the steeped hot tea and pour it into this container full of ice and cover it. Shake it vigorously about a good 20-30 times for an instant ice down. You can serve your quickly brewed iced tea over ice if you want, as long as it isn’t watered down.


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