All About Teapots

You’re not likely to find a magazine about teapots at your local newsstand or bookstore. So if you’re looking for information about teapots your best bet is to head over to teapots teapots teapots, where their slogan is “all the latest teapot news and pictures updated virtually every day.”

The site is the creation of Andy Titcomb, who knows quite a bit about teapots himself. A teapot designer, he has been making teapots since 1983. His North Cornwall-based studio is a one-man show and all of the teapots there – which are made in production runs as little as 15 pieces – are signed and dated by the artist.

So how much is there to say on the topic of teapots? Apparently quite a lot, since the archives at the site date back to early 2006 and include a whopping amount of information about teapots and related topics.

For instance, there’s a photo of a giant teapot in Navasota, Texas. This is said by some to be the world’s largest teapot, but there are also a few other contenders for the title. There’s some information about a collector named Sue Blazye, whose collection contained an impressive 6,150 teapots at last count. It’ a sizable enough number that it’s actually won her a spot in the Guinness Book of Records. For more about Blayze’s collection, refer to this 2009 article from the London Telegraph.

Of course, as the name teapots teapots teapots might lead one to suspect, there are also quite a few teapots featured at Titcomb’s site, many of them quite unique specimens that seem to come in every conceivable shape and size. Some of the quirkiest of this bunch include a line of inflatable teapots from designer Paul Cardew and even a teapot hat.

There are highfalutin’ new gadgets being introduced all the time that allow us to make a tea without using teakettles and teapots. But, even so, it seems highly unlikely that tea drinkers will ever completely forego this time-honored combination of pleasing design and simple functionality.

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