Review: Mercedes Apple Spice Herbal

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The Subject: Mercedes Apple Spice Herbal from The English Tea Store.


Water temperature: 212° F
Steeping time: 5 minutes

Tea type: Not tea, is an herbal infusion
Scents, flavorings, etc.: Apple, rose petals, cinnamon, cloves, more
Aroma, dry: Mainly apple, cinnamon, cloves
Aroma in the cup, plain: Mainly apple, cinnamon, cloves
Taste, plain: Mainly apple, cinnamon, cloves
Aroma in the cup, enhanced: N/A
Taste, enhanced: N/A

2nd Infusion: Didn’t do

Chilled: Didn’t do but would probably be good with sweetener

There is no tea (Camellia Sinensis) in this mix. So, if you want to avoid caffeine and have a tasty beverage, this is the type to try.

The first whiff from the pouch is very apple-y. The liquid is rosy in color. At first sip, we got the apple taste but also an overly strong blast of cinnamon and cloves which gave the liquid quite an edge. The rose petals and other flowers added an interesting flavor, with the apple acting as a fairly strong base flavor. A touch of sweetener will probably take away that edge. The flavor overall is persistent, staying in our mouths long after swallowing.

We avoided doing a 2nd infusion since it was highly likely to be even more edgy or downright bitter from the cinnamon and cloves.

Disclaimer: This tea was provided by the company named. However, the rating of the tea and any opinions concerning it are always strictly objective.

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