Review of Republic of Tea Get Lost

Name: Get Lost

Brand: Republic of Tea, part of the “Be Well Red Tea” line of tisanes

Type: Herbal tisane, Rooibos

Form: Paper teabags, stringless

Review: The “Be Well Red Tea” line of tisanes from the Republic of Tea combine caffeine-free, antioxidant-rich rooibos with herbs  reputed to address various wellness concerns. While the efficacy of herbal remedies is open to debate, these tisanes certainly are a lot of fun. Their packaging is clean and colorful, in handy, easy-to-transport tins. I also get a kick out of the copy written on the label.

I’ve been drinking “Get Lost“, the range’s “weight loss” tea,  on and off for a few years now. When I originally tried this tisane, I wasn’t overly fond of it. It wasn’t bad so much as it was boring. Recently, its taste has much improved, and I now drink it on a daily, or almost daily, basis.

The tisane is a blend of rooibos (aka “red tea”), cinnamon, orange peel/flavor, carob, banaba leaf extract, and gymnema leaf. Cinnamon, banaba, and gymnema are all reputed to have an effect on blood sugar levels. Cinnamon, rooibos, carob, and orange are also naturally sweet, making this a good tisane for curbing sugar cravings.

Get Lost’s flavor is dominated mainly by the orange and cinnamon, though the rooibos’s honey notes provides some substance to the brew. I like drinking this tea first thing in the morning to ease into the day, and also find it to be a nifty nightcap.

As for its efficacy as a weight loss aid, I can only report the following: It is good for curbing my sweet cravings, and the tidy little teabags make it very convenient to brew up. Since this tisane is essentially calorie-free, I’ve found that a cup when I want something sweet usually takes care of the craving and leaves me satisfied. Whether this works for other people, I cannot say, but I think it is at least worth giving it a try.

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