Iced Tea Season Commences

June is National Iced Tea Month and while the month is almost at an end there’s no reason to stop celebrating just because July is about to commence. In case you hadn’t noticed, summer is here, the temperatures are rising and it’s a great time to kick back with a glass of iced tea. The Taste of English Tea Blog has published a number of articles about iced tea thus far, including this primer on How To Make Iced Tea.

But there’s always more to say about iced tea and so, with no further ado, here are a few assorted bits and pieces. If you’ve ever tried an iced tea that you’d become used to drinking hot you might have noticed that the taste changed. Marshal at A Tea Addict’s Journal weighed in with some thoughts on the differing flavor profiles of hot and cold teas and yours truly addressed the issue in a recent article in these pages.

If you’re looking for variations on the theme of iced tea, check out the Miro Tea blog, where they discussed the Arnold Palmer, or Arnie – a popular mix of tea and lemonade. Miro Tea’s Ernie (which is named for golfer, Ernie Els) mixes rooibos and lemonade. Americans seeking a patriotic tea drink with a little bit of a kick should try Patriot Tea, a mix of honey liqueur, black tea and mint.

If you like your iced tea fizzy, look to this selection of Top Sparkling Recipes, which includes Sparkling Jasmine Iced Tea and Lemon Almond Iced Tea. For some info on terere, a chilled variation on herbal beverage yerba mate, take a look at this article.

Did you ever wonder Which Bottled Green Tea Packs the Most Nutritional Punch? Men’s Health magazine tested several popular brands and published the results here. For a “comparison of antioxidant potency of commonly consumed polyphenol-rich beverages,” including iced tea, refer to a study by researchers at the Los Angeles-based David Geffen School of Medicine.

Don’t forget to check out William’s blog, Tea Guy Speaks!

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