Review — Harney & Sons Yellow & Blue

Name: Yellow & Blue

Brand: Harney & Sons

Type: Herbal Tisane

Form: Silken pyramid sachets/teabags

Review: Yellow & Blue is, as its name suggests, is a tisane (aka “herbal tea”) composed of chamomile, cornflowers and lavender. The blend is a beautiful one, as the blue/violet hues of the lavender and cornflower provide a wonderful contrast to the rich yellow chamomile. The nose is likewise lovely, with the chamomile dominating, but the lavender also providing a sweet floral quality.

This tisane brews up to a lovely yellow-gold, medium-full bodied liquor. Both the chamomile and lavender, admittedly rather fragrant blooms, compete to dominate the nose, and the end result is something quite inviting. The flavor of this tisane is definitely that of chamomile, which is quite buttery. The lavender and cornflower play second fiddle to the chamomile, though they do make their presence known as light, sweet/spicy floral notes.

I like the blend of flowers in this tisane. I love good chamomile, but its richness can become ponderous and boring at times. The lavender and cornflower make this tisane more refreshing than chamomile on its own. I’d recommend Yellow & Blue as a spring/summer alternative to straight chamomile.  On the other hand, Yellow & Blue also retains all of the remarkable soothing properties of both chamomile and lavender: This is a great tisane to sip before bedtime, and great with snacks such as cookies or a piece of buttered toast.

Preparation Tips: As this is an herbal blend, it benefits from boiling water and a good long steep. The long steep not only brings out the flavors and gives the infusion more body, but a bit of cool-down time helps the flavors emerge. One teabag is good for at least three infusions, so don’t be afraid to keep adding water to your cup.

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