Tea-for-Two Sets

Just as tea-for-one sets provide a cozy tea moment, tea-for-two sets provide that coziness for you and a special someone. Thank goodness there are some really, really cute tea-for-two sets out there.

Country Apple

Tea-for-two sets generally are a small teapot, two cups (or two mugs) and a matching tray to set them all on. They make a great addition to your bevy of teapots. You can have a set for your morning cuppa English Breakfast Blend No. 1 or No. 2. A hearty design like Country Apple would be very suitable. (There’s a matching sugar and creamer set to make your tea table layout complete.)

Are you big on rooibos, the redbush herbal infusion from Africa that’s so good for you? Try steeping a potful in the Nightingale Tea-for-two set. The bright red color of the teapot, teacups, and tray will get your mind set for that great rooibos taste. Of course, some white tea instead will be a nice counterpoint and a gentle “tea trick” on your teatime guest.

Leaves of Grass

A gentle Darjeeling for your afternoon tea break served in a delicately decorated “Leaves of Grass” tea-for-two set will give you a restful teatime. The design is contemporary and visually soothing. The light green, tan, and white colors bring a true Spring/Summer motif to your tea table.

A tea-for-two set decorated with poinsettias isn’t just for the Christmas season. After all, the poinsettia is a warm weather plant. Try a hearty Assam or even a fragrant Oolong to steep in the teapot and pour steaming into the teacups. The red-and-white design of this set adds a lively touch; pair with some crisp white linen napkins or maybe powder blue ones.

European Sugar and Creamer Set

You could also have a nice teapot and two matching cup/saucer sets (or two mugs) without the tray. It’s just not as cozy. The design on the European style 5-piece tea set, however, with its fruit design, muted green, and antiqued cream colors, brings a bit of charm to your favorite cozy-moment tea. Try some Devonshire Tea in it. The smooth taste, especially served in this tea set, will bring you closer to the person you’re sharing that tea with. Expand your teatime with a matching European style 4-piece mug set. Your teatime for two can easily involve your whole family. You may have to brew up a couple of potfuls, especially considering how tasty Devonshire Tea is. Don’t forget the matching sugar and creamer set to give your tea table that totally coordinated look.

Got your tea selected? And your tea-for-two set? Great, now round up that special someone, sit him or her down, steep your tea, unplug the phone and the TV, and have a little one-on-one time. As the steam rises from your cups, so will your hearts entwine. Enjoy!

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