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Tea and the Flag

As one who lives the “tea life,” I treasure my ability to live as I choose. This 4th of July makes me feel especially glad to live in a country that is still a beacon of freedom to the world. Despite recent trends, we all can still live life pretty much as we want.

A bit of inspiration hit, resulting in a poem that combines both tea and appreciation for that freedom.

Stars and stripes flying bold and free
I raise a cuppa tea to thee
And toast this greatest of great lands,
With one of tastiest tea brands.

From time that tea in brink was toss’d
And fear that freedom would be lost,
There grew a country big and strong
So ev’ryone could live life long.

We live our lives as choice dictates
In these fifty united states
And answer not to potentate
But choose which tea our thirst to sate.

Good friends with Britain are once more
And buy their teas at online store.
’Tis wonderful to be this free
To try a lot of diff’rent tea.

A Darjeeling with fruity taste,
An Assam that steeps without haste,
Or possibly a Sencha green
With grassy taste so fresh and clean.

The choices number hundreds more
From Kenya, Ceylon, Singapore,
Yunnan, Fujian, and Japan,
Each unique in cup or pan.

My fav’rite tea is British style
And brings to lips a gentle smile
For this is moment out from day
To steep, to sip, to nerves unfray.

So fly on, flag, as breeze does blow
And stripes and stars set hearts aglow.
I’ll drink another cup in toast
To land I love the very most.

Here’s wishing all of you a great 4th of July weekend. Be careful with the firecrackers, enjoy the fireworks displays, pig out at the picnics, and (of course) drink gallons of tea. Enjoy!

Celebrate Independence Day with a visit to A.C.’s blog, Tea Time with A.C. Cargill!

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