Who Drinks the Most Tea?

So who does drink the most tea? There are probably many tea lovers out there who think that the trophy for this singular achievement should go on their mantle, but in this case we’re actually looking at rates of tea consumption by country.

Turkish Tea

If you were going to guess, just right off of the top of your head, what nation was comprised of the most avid tea drinkers, you’d probably be inclined to go with the British. After all, tea is as an ingrained a part of the culture there as coffee is in these here United States. And it wasn’t so long ago that the British named tea as one of the icons that helped to form their national identity, along with the likes of Big Ben, double-decker buses and more. So while this would be a good guess, in reality, at least if we’re going by the latest figures for this sort of thing, the United Kingdom is in second place.

So who are the world’s greatest tea drinkers? That would be the Turkish, now that you mention it, who consume an impressive 2.5 kg per person per year. This puts them ahead of the British, although not by very much of a margin. The average Brit drinks 2.1 kg of tea per year. This, in turn, puts them ahead of the third place finishers – the Irish – by about one kilogram annually. For more on tea culture in Turkey and Ireland.

Who else comprises the world’s truly serious tea drinkers? Morocco and Iran round out the top five – not far behind Ireland – and Egypt, New Zealand, Poland, Japan, Netherlands and Australia make up the rest of the top ten. What’s interesting, given that they are the world’s top tea producing countries, is that China (#14) and India (#11) don’t even rank in the top ten. As for the United States, well, it shouldn’t come as any great surprise that we only make it to #20 on the list, with a rather meager seven ounces of tea put away per person per year.

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