Online Tea Gadgets & Games

Never let it be said that the Internet was brought into existence so that human beings might while away the days of their lives in frivolous pursuits. But it’s true, at least to some extent.

If killing time is what you’ve got in mind, of course, the Internet is a great place to achieve your goals. This sort of thing goes for tea lovers as well as the general public. So the next time the boss isn’t looking and you’re on the prowl for tea-related stuff to help while away the hours – and perhaps an occasional site that actually has some practical use – try out a few of these Web sites.

Tea Tracker

Whose turn is it to make tea? Well, obviously this is the sort of thing that’s directed primarily toward an audience of Britishers who might find such a utility useful. Tea Tracker is an online application that helps the gang in your office keep track of who’s due to make tea next.

Tea Test

How much do you know about tea? Test your knowledge of all things tea-related with an online quiz presented by the Tea Association of the USA.

A Game Of Two Continents

Now here’s a proper time waster, a tea-related online game with racing elephants, no less, all of which comes to us courtesy of PG Tips and the Rainforest Alliance.

Tea Timer

Okay, so this one is kind of useful, actually, especially if you’ve had it up to here with oversteeped bitter tea. From the gang over at Adagio Tea, it’s a downloadable tea timer designed for use on Windows computers.


More of the same, but this one’s for the Mac people. Cuppa is a downloadable tea timer for computers using Mac OS X and iCuppa is an app that can be used on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Don’t forget to check out Tea Guy Speaks!

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