Review of Nonsuch Estate Nilgiri

Name: Nonsuch Estate Nilgiri

Brand: English Tea Store

Type: Black tea, Indian

Form: Loose leaf

Review: While many people are familiar with Assam and Darjeeling teas, teas from the Nilgiri region are less well-known. This is a shame because while some Nilgiris are profoundly uninteresting, good Nilgiris are not only quite tasty, but quite versatile.

The dry leaf of Nonsuch Estate Nilgiri is somewhat broken and a medium chocolate brown. (The nose isn’t particularly strong, though I do get a hint of malt and perhaps some tobacco.) The tea infuses to a deep brown, and the malty-tobacco nose intensifies. On the palate, the tea is a bit more assertive than its nose would suggest: While some Nilgiri’s can be smooth to the point of being boring, this tea has a bit of an edge. Not enough to make me wish for milk and/or sugar (though I tried this tea with both–it stands up to them well), but enough to make it both interesting and palate cleansing. The tea also tastes remarkably fresh, which is always a good thing.

Because of its strength and palate cleansing qualities, I strongly recommend this as an alternative to traditional breakfast teas. It is smooth enough to go with a simple breakfast (such as a piece of toast or a plain egg), but can also mop up after a more substantial meal  (bacon and peanut butter on toast, anyone?). It is also a great “compromise” tea for families in which individual members like their tea prepared differently: One pot will do for those who like their tea plain, those who like lemon, and those who want to go the milk and sugar route.

Good stuff.

Preparation Tips: This tea works steeps well in boiling or near-boiling water (208F-212F). Watch the steep time: 3 minutes is plenty, anything more than that, and you risk bitterness. By all means try this as an iced tea (Nilgiris are less likely to get cloudy when poured hot over ice, and go really well with fresh lemon.).

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