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Top 9 YouTube Tea Videos

This post came to be called “Top 9 YouTube Tea Videos” when I was unable to post a link to a 10th tea video which, while hilarious, contained some offensive language. If you are interested in viewing this 10th tea video, I’m sure William, who may be found at Tea Guy Speaks, will be more than happy to provide you with the link. Thank you!

By William I. Lengeman III

YouTube – you may have heard of it. As of this writing the wildly popular video site plays host to somewhere in the neighborhood of a zillion videos on every imaginable topic. Of course, with that many videos available, it’s no surprise that a bunch of them deal with tea. Here are the 10 most popular tea videos at YouTube, based on view counts.

Tea Partay

With nearly six million views, this popular song parody is possibly the most popular tea video out there. A rap-themed spoof on the high-falutin’ side of tea culture, it was made to promote an alcohol-based tea drink by Smirnoff.

Japanese/Thai tea commercial with caterpillars

An animated tea commercial in which two caterpillars drive home the point that the “top tea leaves” are the most desirable.

Britney Spears GG Tea Commercial

The one and only Britney shimmies and shakes in the interests of pushing a Japanese brand of bottled tea.

Britney Commercial for GG Tea V.2

Britney does it again, this time in a pink polka dot getup.

Drinking tea with chopsticks in microgravity

Gives a whole new meaning to the term bubble tea.

Time lapse tea cup

What happens when you leave a cup of tea sitting around for too long? Not so nice.

Lipton Ice Tea Ad: Hugh Jackman – Tokyo Dancing Hotel

As the name would suggest, there’s Lipton tea, there’s dancing and there’s Hugh Jackman.

Smirnoff – Green Tea Partay

Smirnoff’s not nearly so popular follow-up to the Tea Partay viral video.

My Sassy Girl in Hot Korean Lemon Tea Commercial

A mildly risqué Korean tea commercial that finds an actress getting way too worked up over a bottle of tea.

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