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Really Sweet Tea (Tea Candy)

As noted previously in these pages, there’s some evidence to show that tea might an aid to better dental health, as well as oral health in general. It’s even come to the point now that green tea extract is a key ingredient in a line of mouthwash, toothpaste and other dental care products.

At the other extreme are products which employ tea blended with your teeth’s nemesis – sugar – to make various concoctions. One of the most popular of these is sweet tea, a sugary iced variety that is pretty much an institution in the southern United States. But those who prefer their sweet tea in solid form can turn to a variety of tea-based candies and confections.

It probably makes good sense to combine tea with chocolate, as some candy makers have already discovered. For more on this notion refer to this six-part series of reviews at The Tea Pages blog. An assortment of lucky reviewers took a look at tea-flavored chocolates from six companies – Charles Chocolates, Chocolate Springs, Dolfin Chocolat, Smile Chocolatiers, Starbucks and The Tea Room.

If Green Tea Truffles pique your interest, you can whip up a batch using this recipe from RecipeZaar. Or you can simply order some from Torn Ranch, a gourmet specialty foods merchant who offer an interesting assortment of tea-infused chocolates, truffles and cookies. For more on the tasty connection between tea and chocolate, take a look at this article.

If you guessed that chocolate is not the only sweet treat that can be improved by the addition of tea, give yourself a gold star. If you like hard candies you could sample Ten Ren’s black, green, jasmine and oolong tea-flavored varieties, as well as an assortment of other tea-infused treats. There’s also Bali’s Best Tea Candy, which is available in Classic Iced Tea and Green Tea Latte flavors. Read a review of it here.

Or you could try Verithe’s fancy Tea Candy Lollipops. As the manufacturer notes, they are “made from the finest tea from an Asian garden and paired with a organic rosemary stick grown on a specialty farm in Northern California.”

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  2. Fantastic! I lve near the equator but have never been able to capture colors like these. The composition is great, too!

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