Bubble Tea: The Fun Tea

Bubble tea comes from Taiwan and made its way to the United States in the 1980s. It contains tapioca balls (the fun part) called boba, which I think of as the bubbles.  Boba literally means big pearls.  Actually the real bubbles in bubble tea is the foam that appears when the ingredients are shaken together during mixing.

Tapioca pearls are made from the starch of the cassava root.  They are sweet and chewy and you eat them with the help of a special extra-large straw with an angled cut at one end. Use caution until you get the hang of drawing these large tapioca balls up the straw. If you enjoy tapioca pudding, then you are well on the way to becoming a fan of this drink.

There are many varieties of bubble tea, including delicious fruit flavors and milk teas. I prefer mine with a predominantly tea and milk flavor.  One of the popular bubble tea chains is Lollicup.  I enjoyed my first glass of bubble tea at the Lollicup outlet that is part of the Pho Mimi restaurant in Duluth, GA.  This is a Vietnamese restaurant with the most tasty noodle bowls or pho, as it is called.

Talk about playing with your food (or drink).  What fun to order a cup of fruit flavored tea that is colored pastel green, pink or yellow.  It certainly looks unusual with the large pearls sitting at the bottom of the cup.  Maybe you’d like to host a bubble tea party and include some friends in the fun.

In her recent book, Tea With A Twist, Lisa Boalt Richardson has included a chapter on how to have a Bubble Tea Party.  It has some wonderful recipes for foods to serve along with the tea such as crystallized ginger and green tea scones, Asian-O chicken pasta salad and more.

Since it can sometimes be difficult to find a local restaurant that serves this beverage, you can easily find an online supplier like Bubble Tea Supply or others.  You will also have no difficulty finding some great recipes to try at home.

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