Review of Tiger Wing’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonfruit

Name: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonfruit

Brand: Tiger Wing

Type: White tea and mate blend, flavored

Form: Paper tea bags

Review: Tiger Wing is a new tea brand that offers fun blends in convenient, paper tea bag form. Tiger Wing is a sister company to established tea retailer, Golden Moon, and takes a decidedly irreverent approach in marketing its teas and tisanes.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonfruit is a case in point. The package copy describes it as “1/2 Dragon, 1/2 Tangy, 1/2 High Energy and Not So Good at Math”.  Indeed. It is, however, quite tasty.

The tea’s base is a combination of white tea and green mate. I’m not really sure why white tea was added to this blend: White tea’s flavors are easily overwhelmed, but it may be that it contributes something to the liquor’s body.  The green mate gives the blend a good kick and a slight bitterness that works well with the fruit and herbal flavors. The blend includes dragonfruit and pomegranate flavors, as well as rose petals and ginseng.

The nose of the yellow-gold infused tea is pleasant, rich, and fruity. The liquor is medium-bodied, and the dragonfruit/pomegranate clearly dominates the blend, giving it an juice-like quality. The rose petals got lost in this blend, though the Siberian ginseng ads a crisp, spicy note. I think this tea would make an excellent morning coffee substitute (see my warning below), and might go very nicely with breakfast breadstuffs such as toast or bagels.

Incidentally, mate is itself a stimulant and really packs a punch in combination with the white tea (which, contrary to what you might have heard, has plenty of caffeine). If you are concerned about being overstimulated, I’d strongly suggest trying Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonfruit first thing in the morning or, alternatively, drinking half a cup to see how it affects you. It’s a tasty tea, but approach with caution.

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2 thoughts on “Review of Tiger Wing’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonfruit

  1. Meghan O

    I received a box of this tea back when I won the poetry contest. I love it! it’s fruity, refreshing, and different. And I’m saving the box simply because the writing on it is hysterical. The dry wit in the writing, even around the bar code, makes me smile! I really like dragonfruit flavored things, and this tea is a big hit with me. Thanks for the groovy tea.

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