Hi, I’m “Sir William of the Leaf”

[Editor’s note: William Dietz, aka “Sir William of the Leaf”, has moved on to other things. We wish him all the best.]

As a first post, I would like to start out with an introduction. My name is William Dietz, alias “Sir William of the Leaf.” I am eighteen years old and currently live in a cozy dorm room in Indiana. I am originally from the great state of New Mexico, but education called my name elsewhere. Marketing will be my intended major, with a minor in video production. I enjoy a mix of business and the arts.

As far as all things tea related in my life, I am certified through the STI through level three, a Certified Tea Specialist (by their standards). I have experience in writing and tasting through my personal tea blog, which covers topics ranging from reviews of all types of tea, cultural information, production methods and a bit of history and information about the different growing regions. I have been infused with tea love for three years and hope to share that love with all the readers of this fine blog.


The topics that I will probably be posting about will be centered around Chinese, Taiwanese, and Nilgiri teas. As a hobbyist, those are the areas which I study most. I do enjoy all tea, though, so there shall be a healthy mix of topics.

Tea can be consumed in many different ways, and I am usually open to most of them. The favorite of mine is making it loose leaf, usually in the traditional manner. I lean heavily on the pure side of teas, i.e., unflavored, but I do venture out of my comfort zone if I am so inclined. I can handle a tea bag every now and again if there is nothing better on stock. Ready To Drink (RTD) teas are a bit trickier. There are only two brands which I ever buy. Powdered or concentrated teas are abominations (my personal opinion) of which I do not partake. This is all up to personal opinion, of course, but I do have to introduce my personal feelings about these subjects right up front. I try to make reviews and knowledge as unbiased as possible, but it will slip up occasionally.

I do hope you got to know a bit about me (the new guy) and I hope you enjoy my posting and subject matters. If not, I do accept hate mail on my email address: sirwill@gmx.com

If there is anything else one might want to know, shoot me an email as well. I appreciate the conversation thoroughly!

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2 thoughts on “Hi, I’m “Sir William of the Leaf”

  1. Ellen

    Hi sir William!

    I just read your blog and I love that you’ll be continuing to learn, write , and post your tea experiences!!

    I am still in charleston for a few more hours, then heading home. You were so write… Level 4 tea tech was extremely difficult. I passed, but it was very, very hard!

    Thank you again for stopping in the store! It was great to see you and I hope you are enjoying your tea!!!

    Take care and best of luck in school!!


    1. Ellen,

      Thank you for your kind words!
      I enjoyed visiting your store and sharing some tea with you. Reviews on both of your teas will be up on my blog hopefully by this weekend!

      I am glad you passed level 4! It was difficult, but I bet you learned quite a bit! How was cupping? I am anxious to take that class!
      Keep in touch!


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