Tea Time Stampede

There’s good reason for humans drinking so much water. It comprises on average 60% of our bodies. We need to keep that fluid level up. If it falls too low, we get dehydrated, a condition I have experienced more than once, especially when living at 6000+ feet elevation. The reason humans drink so much tea is less scientific and more aesthetic. We like it.

As for hubby and me, tea is very much a part of our day. We have a nice bracing cuppa along with our oatmeal, bacon, scones, and other breakfast items. I then fix a second cupful (usually black tea with milk and sweetener) and get started on my day upstairs in the office. Hubby goes off to his daily tasks with another cup of tea in hand. We can both get so absorbed with what we’re doing that we often don’t even notice when we’ve gulped our last mouthful from those teacups.

Fortunately, I have a hubby who likes tea just about as much as I do (he occasionally turns to coffee). He will take it upon himself to fix another pot of tea. My mind will be focused on my tasks, but the sounds of tea preparation will be there in the background. The splash of water into the kettle. The sound of metal on metal as he puts the lid on that kettle and then sets it on the stove. A few minutes later, there’s the tinkle of ceramic as the teapot lid is removed so he can put in the tea leaves. Then, the splash (different from the splash into the kettle) of water pouring into the teapot and its lid being put back on.

Then, all is quiet for the next five minutes. I continue working. Tick. Tock. Tick. Typety typety type.

I concentrate so diligently that the next sound I hear is a spoon clinking on the cup as hubby stirs the milk and sweetener into the tea. That sound means that the Tea Time Stampede is on! The next sound is my feet running down the stairs. Thumpa thumpa thumpa thud!

The cup of tea, hot and with just the right mix of milk and sweetener added in, is sitting by the tea station on the kitchen counter and waiting for me. But first, a big hug and kiss for the “tea man” (my hubby, that is). Then, I exchange my empty teacup for the full cup and zip back upstairs to work. Typety typety type (and a mouse click or two).

After awhile my teacup is empty again. An hour or so later I actually notice this. Sometime later I start to feel hungry again. That means another Tea Time Stampede is due. Time to go!

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