Review — Stash Irish Breakfast Black Tea

Stash Irish Breakfast Black Tea
Stash Irish Breakfast Black Tea

Name: Irish Breakfast Tea

Brand: Stash

Type: Black tea

Form: Paper tea bags, individually wrapped

Review: I like Irish breakfast teas, even more than a lot of English breakfast teas. I’m not sure why this is, but it seems that many a tea-blender wimps out when blending an English breakfast, creating something that doesn’t stand up well to milk, much less a meal of bacon and eggs. Irish breakfast teas have a bit more character, though they can at times be a bit aggressive.

Stash’s Irish Breakfast Black Tea is an inexpensive and convenient (see my commentary below on Stash’s foil pouches) Irish breakfast tea that will likely work well for those who want something that goes with breakfast but doesn’t strip paint off walls. Like most Irish breakfast teas, Assam is used in the blend, giving the cup a slightly fruity maltiness.

While the tea infuses nicely to a deep, red-brown, it remains fairly light bodied, and while it’s flavor is very nice, it is also not overpowering nor particularly astringent. It is smooth and light enough to be enjoyed on its own: If you are going to add milk, I’d suggest following my preparation tips below.

A Word About Packaging: Stash wraps its individual teabags in a strong, sturdy foil wrapper. I like this very much for several reasons: 1. Bagged tea is made from a more broken leaf, and is likely to get stale much more quickly than whole leaf tea. 2. A foil bag keeps the tea fresher and helps prevent scent-contamination. 3. The foil bag makes carrying the tea bag very convenient.

Preparation Tips: While this tea works well both with and without milk, many people choose an Irish Breakfast Tea because of its strength and ability to stand up to milk and sugar. Because this tea is somewhat mild, you may wish to double up on the teabags if you plan to add milk and still want a very strong brew.

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