Teavangelism at the Office

Do you believe in tea? Want to convert your office to tea drinking? Here are a few tips for turning your latte-swigging coworkers into tea sippers:

  • Start Slowly: Many people aren’t ready for loose leaf tea, and it can be hard to persuade coworkers to buy their own infusers. Bring in some quality bagged tea instead.
  • Presentation: A tea chest filled with teabags is an elegant way to invite your coworkers to enjoy some tea. Prop it up on your desk, or, with permission, near the coffee/tea station at work. Or bring in several  beautiful tins of Harney & Sons or Republic of Tea teabags.
  • Flavored Teas: Bring in some fun flavored teas and tisanes. Fruity teas are always popular, and anything with “chocolate” in its name is sure to be a hit.

After offering bagged tea for awhile, introduce some quality loose leaf teas to your office. Here’s how:

As your coworkers come to appreciate tea, a tea culture may begin to develop. As others discover tea, they can bring in their own finds to share, and you will not only have other tea lovers to talk to during the day, but the great satisfaction of knowing that you contributed to this wonderful trend.

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