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Reading the Leaf – Issue 8

Of the assorted and sundry tea magazines currently available to readers, one of the most intriguing might turn out to be The Leaf. Though it has only published online editions thus far – and will presumably continue in this vein – it has turned out seven issues of excellent content that has been focused primarily on Chinese tea, with occasional forays into other territory. For more on these first seven issues refer to our brief overview or head to The Leaf’s home base itself and dig into the archives.

While you’re there, of course, you’ll notice that Issue 8 is now available. Once again, publisher Aaron Fisher and a cast of luminaries from the tea world have conspired to bring us another collection of great articles on tea drinking and culture. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while and Fisher’s name sounds familiar it might be from our review of his recent book, The Way Of Tea. The author describes this volume as “my reflections on tea — its history, development and preparation over time — from an intuitive perspective.”

It should come as no surprise that the contemplative nature of Fisher’s book and the tendency to focus on the more spiritual aspects of tea drinking carries over to The Leaf. Among the many highlights in this latest edition of the magazine include another installment of Gong Fu Tea Tips and an examination by Jennifer Sauer of the attraction that teaware holds for so many serious tea drinkers.

The River Of Tea, by Elijiah Scidmore, is a great find that hearkens back to 1889 and which finds the author discussing the tea-related aspects of his travels through Hong Kong and China. There’s also a piece of tea-themed fiction, the usual assortment of great photos and much more. So be sure to check it out.

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