Review — Stash Lemon Ginger

Stash's Lemon GingerName: Lemon Ginger

Brand: Stash

Type: Tisane (herbal tea)

Form: Paper Teabag

Review: While I find the ritual of preparing loose-leaf tea relaxing, there are evenings when I just don’t want to fuss in order to get a hot drink. Fortunately, Stash’s Lemon Gingertisane is a soothing, tasty concoction conveniently packaged in teabag form.

Lemon Ginger is a blend of ginger root, lemongrass, lemon flavor, citric acid, hibiscus, and safflower, and it infuses to a very pretty bright yellow. The nose is a strong blend of lemon and spicy ginger: If you have the sniffles, this tea might do a fine job of providing some temporary relief.

I was a bit nervous when I saw hibiscus on the ingredient list. Hibiscus can be very tasty indeed, but it is overused in tea blends, and often dominates the brew. Mercifully, Stash’s blender knew better, and the hibiscus only serves to reinforce the citrus tang. While the lemon and citrus notes make their presence known, it is the ginger that dominates the blend. I was impressed by the degree of heat this spicy root produces, and love the way it meshes with the citrus.

I expect that this will be a staple in my little home during the upcoming cold months. Yum.

Preparation Tips: Steep this tea in boiling water. The botanicals need the heat to release their flavors. Don’t be afraid to let it steep for a long time: The ginger heat gets stronger, but never bitter. Try icing it for a bit of refreshment. Incidentally, this doesn’t really work for multiple infusions, so be sure to use a fresh tea bag for each steep. I think this tisane is sweet enough on its own, but if you must add some additional sweetener, try honey, which is a wonderful match for both lemon and ginger.

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