Black Tea vs. Green Tea

All tea is not created equal. If you’ve been drinking tea for even a short time you’ve probably already figured this one out.

Keemun Black Tea

Now far be it from me to suggest that health should be the primary consideration when trying to decide what tea to drink. While tea has been shown to have a potentially wide range of health benefits, I’ve always believed that health should be a secondary consideration when it comes to selecting tea. The first three considerations for me, to borrow from the old catchphrase about real estate, are flavor, flavor, and flavor, although I certainly don’t mind if tea makes me live to age 150 and perhaps cures a lingering case of bubonic plague.

But I jest. If you should ever happen to find yourself in the position of having to choose between black tea and green tea (choose both!) and all other things are equal you might find it interesting to consider the results of a study published a while back in The Journal Of Nutrition.

Guava Comoros Green Tea

The Korean researchers who conducted the study compared green and black tea from tea bags and discovered that “the antioxidant capacity per serving of green tea (436 mg vitamin C equivalents) was much higher than that of black tea (239 mg).” They concluded that “that green tea has more health benefits than an equal volume of black tea in terms of antioxidant capacity. This can be explained by the fact that each tea is different in terms of composition and concentration of antioxidant compounds.”

So even though black tea is not without its share of benefits, if you’re going to choose your tea based solely on it’s potential to keep you healthy, it looks like green tea should probably be your choice.

For an overview of this study and a link to purchase the full version, look here.

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