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October 15, 2010

  • Review — Stash Organic Cascade Mint

    Name: Organic Cascade Mint Brand: Stash Type: Herbal tisane, peppermint and spearmint blend Form: Paper teabag, individually wrapped Review: Mint lovers rejoice: This is the tisane you’ve been waiting for. Cascade Mint is a part of Stash’s organic line, blending both peppermint and spearmint into one tasty drink. I love Stash’s decision to blend two… Continue reading

  • Sweet or Unsweet Iced Tea?

    If you happen to live in the South, like I do, you know sweet tea. It’s a tall refreshing glass of extremely sweet ice cold tea. Jokingly described as the house wine of the South, every G.R.I.T. (Girls Raised In The South) knows how to make a good glass of sweet tea. But what about hot tea?… Continue reading

  • Teatime Blasphemy

    Tea and food pairings can be harmonious and peaceful or so jarring that they seem like teatime “blasphemy.” After all, teatime should be about a break in the day, a chance to have a time out and recollect your composure during a hectic day. Right? Tea drinkers usually recognize that certain foods pair with certain… Continue reading

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