Review — Rose by Golden Moon

Rose by Golden Moon TeaName: Rose

Brand: Golden Moon

Type: Flavored black tea

Form: Loose leaf

Review: For reasons that I don’t fully understand, flowers as flavors never really caught on in America. If you visit the United Kingdom, you’ll find all manner of rose and violet-based confections and chocolates in stores, but nary a whiff of these floral delights here in the Former Colonies. It’s really a shame, because rose, in particular, tastes wonderful.

Fortunately, the good folks at Golden Moon Tea understand that roses are as lovely to taste as they are to smell, and blended dried rose petals with a Ceylon black tea to create a wonderful rose-scented/flavored tea. The dry leaf has a rich, but natural, rose scent, and brews up to a medium-bodied dark amber.

The combined aroma of black tea and roses is a heady one, and I love the use of Ceylon in the blend: The light, sweet, faintly lemony tea is a perfect and non-interfering base, and rose flavor is not overdone. Each sip is sweet, and happily, there is no disagreeable aftertaste. I really can’t fault this blend.

Drink this tea slowly. It deserves your time.

Preparation Tips: Like many floral teas, too much leaf can result in a strange, soapy brew. Experiment with leaf measurements, too little is better than too much. The tea also holds up well for a second steep. Very, very good as an iced tea: Remarkably refreshing.

Serving and Selection Tips: While rose can be an unfamiliar taste, I suspect that even newbies will enjoy this tea. This rose tea is also quite compatible with most foods. I tried it with some chocolate cookies and it tasted great, and then tried it with some curry-flavored crackers, which was also fantastic. Also quite nice on its own.

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