Review — Stash Christmas Eve

Stash Christmas Tea HerbalName: Christmas Eve

Brand: Stash Tea

Type: Herbal Tisane

Form: Paper tea bag, individually wrapped

Review: So the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and you are bracing yourself for a 6 AM wake-up call from the kids, all itching to see what Santa has for them. You want something hot, soothing to your tummy and mind, and that will let you fall asleep quickly. Tea, even decaf tea, has caffeine, and you want to be at your very best tomorrow. You also don’t want to fuss with brewing a loose-leaf tisane. You need a quick-infusing, paper bag tea, and never mind the teapot.

Fortunately, Stash has come to the rescue with its Christmas Eve tisane. Naturally caffeine-free, this blend of mint, orange peel, vanilla, clove and cinnamon is delicious and relaxing. The mint does a great job of addressing indigestion caused by overindulgence at a family feast, but also carries the spirit of the season. Yes, it dominates the blend, but the orange peal gives it a nice, fruity, citrus-y kick, and the warm spices provide a lovely backnote. Just the thing for a cold night.

This tea comes in a gorgeous box that makes it great for hostess gifts, Secret Snowmen and stocking stuffers. Stash also includes it in two of its gift sets. The dark green foil-wrapping also makes this tisane a pretty addition to your holiday table.

Preparation Tips: Herbal flavors take time to develop, but you can end up with mint-overkill if you let Stash Christmas Eve steep too long. Give it three minutes at first, taste, and then go for five if you think it needs it. Incidentally, I know this is a Christmas tea, but it really does taste great on ice: The mint and orange have a certain crispness that is enhanced by the cold.

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