Tis the Season for Sparkly Teawares

Attention, tea lovers: Not all of the holiday sparkle is on your Christmas tree or in those department store display windows. Some of it is right in your kitchen cupboard or dining room cabinet or wherever you keep your sparkly teawares.

What kind of teawares will give you that sparkle? White ones, for a start. (But, then, classic white is good any time.) All those candles glowing on your table will just make them even more of a stand out during the holidays. White is also very reflective. Set a blue object next to your white teapot, for example, and you will see the blue reflected in it. Create a stunning holiday table with a bright red table cloth and white teawares. Porcelain teapots, teacups, saucers, cake plates, creamer, and sugar bowl will stand out on that cloth yet also reflect some of that bright color. Add a sprinkling of candles around the table and the dining room to have flickering light rays from those little flames bounce off the table and all that is on it.

Of course, you have other options. Glasswares top the list. Glass sparkles in the light, lets other colors show through, and also gives you a great view of your tea. Glass teawares tend to be a bit fragile, though, so take care. Lay your glass teacups, saucers, plates, and teapots out on a holiday-print tablecloth or a gold damask cloth. Add some red and green candles, maybe even some boughs of holly or evergreen. Serve up some lighter teas such as Lavender Butterfly Green Tea, Bohemian Raspberry, a nice Spring Flush Darjeeling, or even a cup of a light-tasting black tea blend such as Devonshire Tea.

A third choice for your holiday table is silver. You may have a silver teapot hidden away somewhere, sealed from the air to prevent tarnishing, possibly an heirloom that you consider too fragile or valuable to use. Nonsense! Now is the time to pop it out, polish it up, if needed, and use it to serve your holiday tea. That tea will stay warmer in your silver teapot, which won’t be as likely to break if dropped. And talk about sparkly! The light rays from your candles, chandelier, etc., will be bouncing around like crazy.

The ultimate sparkly table setting will combine two or more of these. Take a silver teapot, add some glass teacups and saucers, and round it out with some white plates and other pieces such as creamer and sugar bowl. Don’t forget the colorful table linens (tablecloths, placemats, napkins, table runners), candles a-flicker, and seasonal foliage. Best of all are the wonderful teas that you will serve your guests. The golden hues of Tie Kuan Yin Iron Goddess Oolong will shine. The reddish brown of a black tea blend or an Assam will be rich-tasting as well as rich in color. You can always go for a fruity herbal like Bingo Blueberry with its purplish/mauvy red hues and blueberry taste.

Wishing you a sparkly, flavorful teatime for your holidays. Enjoy!

Find more ideas for the holiday season over at Tea Time with A.C. Cargill!

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