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The Warmth of the Holidays

Part of what makes the holidays so merry and bright is that so many people are looking forward to getting together with friends and loved ones, both near and far. Dinner parties, annual traditions, and holiday festivities are par for the course this month. At this time of year, a thoughtful gift is also part of the sharing that happens amongst people.

Flowering Tea Gift Set
Flowering Tea Gift Set

Whether you are exchanging gifts or simply bringing a token of appreciation for the host or hostess, there is a way to extend the warmth of the holidays in the gift that you bring. What I am referring to, of course, is bringing the gift of tea.

Some people shy away from tea gifts because they are not sure what the recipient will like, or if they even drink a lot of tea to begin with. As with anything, it is not what you bring, but the thought and attitude behind it that counts.

So whether you’re giving tea to a tea novice or to a tea expert, here are a few unique ways of giving the gift of warmth this holiday season:

#1: Say it with Flowers!

What better way to say “thank you” or “I love you” or “Happy Holidays” than with flowers – and a floral blend can make the same statement. Search for teas that have specific flowers in them, like Earl Grey Lavender or Cherry Rose Green or Orchid Oolong. This is especially good if your recipient has a favorite flower they enjoy.

For an even more unique gift, give someone a flowering tea set, complete with glass pot so you can watch the flower unfurl. These beautifully arranged blossoms are a work of art to behold – and the glass tea pot or large glass tea cups allow for visual poetry of the leaves. A special gift indeed.

#2: Infuse with Holiday Cheer

At this time of year, many companies make holiday-inspired blends, so even if your recipient isn’t an avid tea drinker, who could resist a cup of Christmas tea? Or spiced Christmas tea? With names like: Comfort & Joy, Tea of Good Tidings, Dream by the Fire and White Christmas you’re sure to find an appropriate gift for anyone. This options is especially good when introducing someone to tea. The blends tend to be warm and spicy, with ingredients that sound good enough to eat and the inviting thematic names may softly encourage someone to try something new!

#3: Create a Theme Basket

Giving the gift of tea should always include other items to make tea time festive all year round. By adding cookies, candies or special tea ware you can make an ordinary box of tea into an extraordinary gift of warmth. Whether choosing a pre-arranged holiday basket of cheer or creating your own theme like “Chocolate Lovers,” “Sugar & Spice,” or “All Things British,” you’ll find that it truly is as fun to give as to get.

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