The Artistry of Tea

There’s the art of tea and then there’s the art that you can make from things that are tea-related, for lack of a better term. As you may have already noticed, there is often a high level of artistry that infuses many of the items that we use to prepare, serve and drink tea and that’s not the end of it.

It might seem a little peculiar to drink from a tea cup or serve your tea from a teapot that has its own mouth built in. But you can probably get used to just about anything, given enough time. For a glimpse of these truly offbeat items of tea ware be sure to check out this recent post at the Trendhunter site.

Then there are the tea infusers, which always seem to be a popular item when it comes to gimmickry and foolishness. If you’re looking for one of the more elaborate examples of this sort of thing, check out this recent post, which features an infuser in the shape of an English police box. I can’t see dipping one in my tea cup any time soon but they do get an A for effort even so.

For a totally different take on tea and art have a look at this article about a Dutch artist who uses tea and coffee – in the literal sense of the world – in combination with other media to actually create works of art.

And then there’s the lowly tea bag. While not an artwork in the strictest sense of the world, here’s a report on a British student who utilized a bunch of them in a rather creative manner. It’s a dress that’s decorated with about 300 tea bags. Along similar lines is another report on an artist who not only makes sculptures out of tea bags and artwork with tea stains on handmade paper, but who actually drinks all the tea that fills the tea bags before getting started.

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