Teawares as Part of Your Holiday Décor

Teawares as part of Christmas tree ornament designs is fairly well known. Teawares as part of your holiday décor may not be as familiar.

“Usefulness” is a true byword for teawares. They are, after all, designed to steep, serve, and drink tea. But, like many useful things, their designs can range from the austere and downright plain and dowdy, to the whimsical, the classy, and the highly decorative. Many in that last category are so ornate as to be totally lacking in the ability to be useful, at least as far as tea is concerned. They do, however, make great décor.

Christmas and New Year’s are times when lots of you out there have friends and family over for good times and treats, or maybe even a full-fledged feast. Tea is a natural part of these occasions for those of you who enjoy a tip of the teacup on a fairly frequent basis. Setting your table up special is part of the fun. Using teawares lets your guests know that you are truly a tea nut — uh, I mean, a tea “dedicatee.”

My preference is a setting that starts with a very delicate bone china teapot I have. It’s one in which I have never steeped even a drop of tea (I don’t have the heart to, since the teapot was a birthday gift from hubby and so is already full — of special memories, not tea). I build from there. The teapot has delicate blue flowers on a white background, so it doesn’t look all that Christmas-ish. The items I use around it, therefore, must have that look in spades.

A red tablecloth is a good idea. Then, that teapot sits as the center of the centerpiece on my Christmas table. Around it I arrange evergreen branches in forest green hues, brilliant red poinsettias, and other teawares that are fairly decorative. A candle or two…or three…or twenty…creates lighting that sets a romantic mood as the flames flicker and shine.

Confession time: the plants are fake since I’m not big on cleaning sap, pollen, half decayed poinsettia leaves, etc., off my tablecloths. Call me lazy or picky or excessively practical. I also make sure the candles are the dripless kind.

Simple objects (and one very special teapot) combined in the right way can make quite a positive impression. I put on an appropriately humble air as the guests ooh and aah over the finished arrangement.

My workhorse teapot, the Blue Betty, serves up the tea for hubby, me, and our guests. She doesn’t mind a bit not being on centerstage. The tea’s a-flow, the candles a-glow, the food on plate tastes oh so great. (Couldn’t resist a bit of rhyme there.) And she knows she plays an important part in it all.

Of course, the tea in her is pretty special, too!

Hope you have a great feast with your festive teaware decorations, then a quick “puff!” to blow out the candles when the feasting is done, and contented sighs all round. Enjoy!

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