I Resolve to Drink More Tea!

As we march forward to the beginning of a new year, many of us reflect upon our lives and reassess our behaviors with a desire for self-improvement.  There are many common New Year’s Resolutions that can be supported the drinking of tea, so let’s take a closer look at how what’s in our cup can help improve our quality of living.

I want to lose weight!
By far the most common resolution is the determination to lose weight.  There are companies that will market Slimming Teas and Diet Teas.  They will quote science about increasing your metabolism with polyphenols.  I don’t buy into marketed weight loss teas as being more effective than your favorite cup of tea.  Seeing as tea (without sweeteners or milk) has no sugar, fat or carbs, it can be helpful in your desire to lose weight.  Weight loss comes from expending more calories than you consume per day.  By substituting tea for your latte, juice, soda, or bottled sugar-laden drink, you automatically cut calories.

Also, by consciously choosing to drink tea (or even more tea) on a daily basis, you are creating an awareness about what you consume.  As this awareness builds, it will be easier for you to make better food choices too!

I need to cut down/out caffeine
This society runs on caffeine…that is until we realize that we are run down, because of the stress that too much caffeine puts on our adrenal glands, which then make us feel sluggish.  Caffeine can also disturb sleep, making it difficult to perform our usual tasks without reaching for more caffeine.  The range of numbers may differ slightly but coffee has about 3x the amount of caffeine than black tea, with green and white teas having even less than black (and herbal infusions have no caffeine!).  So drinking tea, in whatever form will help your cut out that nasty caffeine habit this year!

I will get more sleep!
According to the National Sleep Foundation 50% of Americans suffer from sleep disorders.  As just discussed, cutting your caffeine help you when it’s time to wind down and get a good night’s rest.  Additionally, the use of herbal infusions, which naturally have no caffeine, can help you get your rest.  Herbs, such as chamomile, lavender, or peppermint reportedly have calming effects on the body, relaxing the central nervous system which allows you to get more sleep.  More sleep gives you more energy, a more positive outlook, and mental clarity to do and feel your best!

I will carve out personal quiet time!
With more to do in our 24/7 wired-in world, finding some quiet time alone becomes a greater challenge.  Well, once again we turn to tea to help us with our resolutions.  Brew a whole pot (not just a cup) of tea. The type of tea is up to you and may be a part of this journey towards personal quiet time. Turn off your phone and your computer.  Breathe in the aroma of the tea as you slowly sip it. Allow the steam to warm your face.  Whether you use this time to write in a journal or stare out the window, allow nothing else to happen until you have finished the pot of tea.

So, as you reflect upon this past year and you reassess your habits, know that you’ve got an ally in tea.  So drink in the excitement of 2011 and brew yourself some healthy new resolutions.

And I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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