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January is National Hot Tea Month

Afternoon Teas
Afternoon Teas

January is National Hot Tea Month.  Many of us will start 2011 with a stash of new teas to experience, as well as all our old favorites.  Thus far my new tea tasting in 2011 has included a new brand of chai (Indian Spiced Tea) and a fragrant pomegranate oolong.  I like to try new tea brands and varieties of tea types.  I’m also well stocked with my everyday favorites including PG Tips and Yorkshire Gold.  Santa always brings me lots of tea.

Since cold and flu season is in full swing by January, it is the perfect time to drink more hot tea.  What could be more comforting than a cup of hot, spiced tea with honey to sooth a scratchy, dry throat?  Isn’t it great that much research has shown that drinking tea can help the immune system to combat nasty bacteria and viruses.

For many people, January 1st marks the start of a new fitness and health program.  Tea can assist with weight loss, for those of us who want to shed a couple of pounds that we gained over the holidays.  Green tea especially contains catechins that work together with other chemicals in the body to increase weight loss.  If you don’t care for green tea, don’t worry because all tea has health benefits.  There is a lot of interesting  information available online if you would like to read the current medical research on tea.

Since my personal consumption of hot tea is already quite high, my goal for National Hot Tea Month is not to include more tea, but to pursue other ways to celebrate this marvelous beverage.  I’ve been reading a new tea book “The World In Your Teacup” by Lisa Boalt Richardson.  My gorgeous Teapot and Tea Calender 2011 is hung with care and my January tea agenda includes a visit to my favorite English style tea room for afternoon tea with friends.

So how do you plan to celebrate hot tea?  The possibilities are endless.  You can try a new variety of tea, read a tea book or blog, visit a tea room, cook something with tea, take a class on tea, etc.  Most importantly, just take some time this month to sit and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea.

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